Amazon Prime Gaming – Les jeux gratuits d’octobre 2023

Comme tous ses concurrents, Amazon propose son lot de nouveautés et de jeux gratuits pour ses abonnés Prime Gaming.

Pour ce mois d’octobre 2023, Amazon Prime Gaming va permettre aux abonnés possédant un PC de télécharger les jeux suivants gratuitement :

  • October 5 GRUNND [Amazon Games App] — Step into a nightmarish Halloween-themed realm, where players must navigate ominous environments, unravel eerie puzzles and confront terrifying creatures.
  • October 5 Ghostwire: Tokyo [Epic Games Store] — After deadly supernatural forces vanish the population of Tokyo in an instant, face the unknown and use an arsenal of elemental abilities against the spirits prowling the streets to unravel the dark truth behind the disappearance of Tokyo’s population.
  • October 12 The Coma 2: Vicious Sisters — Deluxe Edition [GOG Code] — Navigate an abandoned school teeming with vengeful spirits and grotesque creatures as players must confront these harrowing horrors and unearth the school’s dark secrets.
  • October 12 Monster Prom 2: Monster Camp [GOG Code] — Dive into this zany Halloween-themed dating simulator set in a hilariously spooky camp environment as players navigate the world of monster romance, humor and bone chilling fun.
  • October 19 The Textorcist [GOG Code] — Step into a Halloween-inspired world as players take on the role of a professional exorcist utilizing a blend of typing skills and supernatural horror, confront demonic forces and unravel an eerie narrative in this gripping and unique top-down gaming experience.
  • October 19 Golden Light [Epic Games Store] — This indie game offers a captivating and chilling experience where players are transported to a spooky, surreal world where they embark on a journey filled with unnerving mysteries and bizarre encounters.
  • October 26 Super Adventure Hand [Amazon Games App] — Be drawn into a whimsically unsettling world and armed with a magical hand, players embark on a captivating journey through spellbinding puzzles and enchanting landscapes.

Comme d’habitude de nombreux bonus in-game sont proposés pour divers jeux. Je ne vais pas tous les énumérer ici. Je vous propose d’aller jeter un coup d’oeil sur la page officielle de Prime Gaming pour les récupérer.